About Alisa

I work with different media such as batik, ceramic and painting, but the one that I use most is ceramics.Through this medium, I have found a lot of opportunites to express my feelings and emotions and to convey them to the admirers of my work.

I was born on the banks of the River Volga in Samara, Russia and studied art at the Samara School of Art, as well as the Russian Federation Academy of Russian Arts. I grew up in a very small Russian village on the banks of the river and this greatly influenced my world view and my future as an artist.My parents are both artists, so I was brought up in an artistic environment.My father was a wonderful and exceptional watercolour painter.He also made batiks and he instilled a love of this technique in me as well.

Since 1996, I’ve been involved in all of the most important art and ceramic exhibitions and symposiums at a national and international level. In 2008, I received the Order of Merit to the Fatherland (Second Class) and in 2017 my work was chosen for a Russian Presidential Scholarship.

Since 2002, I have been a member of the Artists Union of Russia and the IAA AIAP UNESCO International Association of the Arts.

In 2017, I moved to the mediaeval village of Palalda, very close to the city of Perpignan, in the South of France.Palalda is a beautiful village, only a few miles from Céret, the refuge of Picasso, Soutine and Chagall, a mediaeval town, bathed in the scent of mimosa and cherry blossoms.Picasso came to live there in 1911, and cofounded a museum which you can visit.Palalda is also very close to Figueres (Spain), Dali’s native town which houses his museum.Closer to Perpignan there is also Maillol’s home town, Banyuls.

Alisa Samarinkina