This page features my work. I spend most of my time working with ceramics.  I usually work with chamotte (grog) from which I make individual sculptures or panels to decorate the walls of your house, or shop, hotel, or office. I also like to make items that you can use in your everyday life, such as teapots, plates, lamps and candlesticks.

I sometimes use faience and I work in two directions with this material.  The first is figurative faience with a lightly whimsical feel.  The second is black and white faience.  My aim is to show the perfection of a simple sculptural form.

My father introduced me to batik, painted onto material with the help of hot wax, and I use this technique a lot.  It’s very interesting and alive so it always gives unexpected results.

I do a bit of hot enamelling and painting as well.  You can see pictures inspired by my heart, or by nature which moves me enormously. 

I work a lot on orders from clients and I’ve included a selection of works produced specifically for people that wanted to acquire my art.If you see anything that is not currently listed for sale, or have a special commission, just get in touch.

My Latest Work

sculpture - Bottles
sculpture - lying-woman

Past Work